Good Kids Obey

by Nightwatchers

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released July 16, 2016

Recorded & mixed by Antoine Gandon in may 2016.
Mastered by Sébastien Bedrunes.



all rights reserved


Nightwatchers Toulouse, France

Freddy: drums
David: bass/vocals
Kevin: guitar/vocals
Julien: guitar/vocals

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Track Name: Hangman
She disappeared last night in silence
What the heck did I expect here ?

When I'm alone
I wonder where they go
Once their neck is broken time's moving slow

Tonight I feel alright
I still can hear her heartbeat
Her corpse is in my head but it's fading away

My mind is sick
Boy I can't help it
Those sirens resounds all over my head

I've heard the wake up call
And I'm ready to get it done
The list goes on and on
I am the hangman
Track Name: Nightwatcher
I'm up when you're asleep
I drive in circle drinking coffee
I'm bored at work but they pay cash
I have a dog, he's named Douglas.

I watch.
Nightwatcher !
I watch.
Nightwatcher !

I've seen someone
Breaking in your house
I call 911
And cuddle Douglas.


I could I know that it was you ?
You came back home after curfew.
Nightwatcher. Nightwatcher. Nightwatcher. Nightwatcher !
Track Name: Scum
Don't we all make mistakes ? Boy I'm no exception
Yes I'm a pig in blue, your dealer knows me better than you
Coke or marijuana, from Iran to Uganda
They're all pretty good to me
My partners know the trick so your only option is to suck my dick.
Come closer baby !

Can't bring me down
I know
Your deepest secrets

Why did John got reported ?
Coz he didn't blackmailed Jimmy.
Well I'm clever than John.
Yes I'm clever than John.
Clever. John. Clever. Scum.
Track Name: Juvenile Crime
Those kids, they're insidious, you don't know what they're capable of
They need to be ruled and crushed down on the ground
Violence and punishment is all they understand
I'm gonna fix their brain, no matter what it takes.

Juvenile crime, juvenile !
Juvenile crime, criminal !

Can't you see the fear their eyes ?
We teach them respect, by the use of police sticks.
No need for amunitions.
We'll engrave the law deep their inside their broken bones, come on !

Fuck yeah, I love to hear them scream and cry
When I sneak in their cells, in the middle of the night
They say they want me dead but it's a different kind of relationship
They want me to fuck their mouth until the end of night

They want me to fuck their mouth
They want me to rape them
They want me to fuck their mouth
They want me to rape them

Good kids obey, you will obey.
Good kids obey, you will obey.
Track Name: Friendly Fire
Felt in love with you at the cemetery
Empty bottles fill the void of loss
I shut my mouth, drinking to forget.
Your voice, that night, nothing but regret.

Coz when you kill a friend there's nothing nice to say
Coz when you kill a friend oh baby…
Track Name: Border Control
Don't try to cross our border
It's such a waste of time
We'll shoot you in the back
We fight oil with fire

Don't you dare to step out
We'll destroy your dreams
We're the scarecrows
We fight oil with fire

It's all clear on the left
It's all good on the right side
It's always better on the right side, right side.

We keep our country safe and prosper
Controling the inflow of the parasites

Complaining about your homeland
We don 't want of your misery here
Complaining about your homeland
We don 't want of your misery here
Grass is always greener on our side
Grass is always greener on our side
Track Name: Making It Great Again
I'm going out
What's up pretty ?
We're going out for blood
We shoot at sight
Can't stop screaming
Boy we're outta control

When I'm with you
It's all clear in my mind
Some lives matter
More than the rest

We serve and protect
Some special kind of Order

We're « making it great again »

Second verse, same as the first.